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Human resource dissertation topics

Human resource is a rewarding field to write about, for students who have made their minds pursue it. However, to reap maximum benefits from this field should need to be steady with their grades. It implies that they have to write flawless papers while in class. If you have a challenge, writing excellent papers, then seek the services of professional writers. This article focuses on different human resource thesis topics.

Organizational culture human resource dissertation topics

Organizational culture is the process of quantifying the philosophy of an organization. The following are examples of organizational culture dissertation topics to choose from.

  1. Influence of organizational culture on succession planning
  2. The influence of the six-sigma approach on organizational culture
  3. The relationship between organizational culture and leadership

Strategic human resource dissertation topics

Strategic HR management combines HR management goals with the company’s goals and objectives.

  1. The benefits of strategic HR management in a company
  2. The relationship between strategic HR management and business strategy
  3. The connection between strategic HR management and the growth mindset
  4. The role of HR management in change management
  5. The benefits of onboarding and retention as a strategic HR management

Risk management human resource dissertation topics

Risk management is a crucial component of HR management.

  1. The influence of technological advancement on managing industrial risk, particularly on the telecommunication industry
  2. The role of HR manager on risk management processes
  3. The link between people management and risk management
  4. The effect of HR risk management on productivity

Employee relations human resource dissertation topics

It is the responsibility of HR to manage employee relations.

  1. The influence of globalization on recruitment policies in the emerging economies
  2. The impact of employee interaction on customer loyalty in the hotel industry
  3. The analysis of factors that influence employee decision or quit employment
  4. The role of technology in improving employee relations

Training and development of human resource dissertation topics

Training helps to evaluate the employee based on current job responsibilities.

  1. Determining the link between individual learning and organizational learning
  2. An evaluation of knowledge management and organizational learning for sustainable organizational performance
  3. Analyzing the process of development and learning of HR in the private sector in the US
  4. Effects of learning and training activities on employees productivity

Employee motivation human resource dissertation topics

HR managers must know that employees require reasons to get focused on their work.

  1. The relationship between employee satisfaction and motivation to work
  2. The benefits of employee inspiration on retention levels

Performance management in human resource dissertation topics

This sub-theme is essential for students to write award-winning dissertation papers.

  1. The critical components of the performance management framework
  2. The effectiveness of performance management policies in the retail sector
  3. The role of performance management methods in retaining employees
  4. The benefits of developing and deploying uninterrupted performance management software in companies

Appraisal of human resource dissertation topics

Students of human resource management should master appraisal and performance review.

  1. Examining the link between spinal pay reward and public sector appraisals
  2. The importance of human resource performance review in improving employee productivity and retention
  3. Exploring the link between performance appraisals and job satisfaction through evidence 

Theory in human resource dissertation topics

  1. A comparative analysis of human resource theories with enough evidence
  2. The role of human resource as a shared service in the community