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Dissertation topics in community health nursing

Community health nursing offers a wide range of issues and concerns to explore. While the aspect of nursing has many areas worth exploring, this area may have issues that have yet to see the light of day. There are advancements and changes being made throughout the industry. Yet, there are issues that deserve further exploration to find workable solutions. Your dissertation can choose to explore any element you feel is most important. The following points offer ideas on how to find the best topic for your project along with writing prompts for reference.

Getting Topic Ideas

There are many ways to get topic ideas for your dissertation related to community health nursing. Think about why you choose to study this field. What have you learned so far? Do you have unanswered questions you want to research? What are issues important to you that aren’t getting the attention you think it should have? If you are fresh out of ideas consider finding example papers written by others for more inspiration. Using an academic paper database is a common practice among students. There are well-written papers here shared from others. They are written on various topics. You can search for topics related to your subject. From here, you can learn about topics, resources and other viewpoints that may inspire an original topic you can work with. Brainstorming and looking into current issues trending in the news are other ideas.

10 Writing Prompts for Community Health Nursing

The right topic will be something that stands out to you. You may get a lot of ideas on what to mention and an overall idea of how to present it. Using writing prompt can make choosing a topic easier. You have ideas that are inspired by other projects or current issues. You can use a prompt to get started doing research. While many prompts are broad in nature, you can use one to start the brainstorming process. What will you choose to write about? Here is a list of suggestions to consider.

  1. New developments in nursing care
  2. Shortage of nurses
  3. Critical care practices
  4. Creating a good work environment
  5. Effective training programs
  6. Providing proper patient support
  7. Legal issues people may not talk about
  8. Religion or spiritual beliefs
  9. Dealing with diversity as a nurse
  10. Importance of code of ethics