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Mental Health Nursing dissertation topic

A nurse is a person who helps in ensuring that a patient’s health is right or a nurse is a doctor’s helper who ensures that the patients brought in are in good health because they check, monitor and determine whatever a patient needs. 

If you want to be a nurse, you must attain a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing of which one has to write a dissertation to attain a degree, and for a proper dissertation, a nurse requires the fields below:

  1. Recovery of female patients after a state of miscarriage or premature loss of the fetus.
  2. For sportsmen and women, not eating the right meals and diet affects an athlete’s mental health and stability. 
  3. The mental health problems that the communities inflict on the nurses.
  4. Unstable brains or unsteady mental health conditions and their contributions to accidents in the United Kingdom.
  5. The help that digital devices can offer to reduce mental health conditions in the United Kingdom.
  6. How to stabilize suicide bound victims or those who have been saved from suicidal attempts.
  7. Best ways of dealing with young parenting to ensure sound mental health for a young parent. 
  8. Proper care is given to people who have lost family members or young family members to ensure one does not undergo a mental disorder.
  9. Ways of helping soldiers stay safe and have a sound state of mind from the previous war encounters.
  10. How to help Asian women battle breast cancer without endangering their mental health.
  11. Looking at mental health as a possible way of reducing societal suicide cases.
  12. How to help patients from surgery stay in a strong state of mental health.
  13. Promoting guidance and support in Africa hospitals to battle the problem of HIV/AIDs in patients to help stay mentally healthy.
  14. How to befriend patients with mental health issues to open up and stay strong to allow medication.
  15. Enhancing proper communication between patients with mental health issues and nurses to create a bond of friendship for easy management
  16. How to encourage patients with dual mental alignments to get cured
  17. Exposing what challenges nurses face when it comes to mental health management.
  18. Reviewing what qualities mental health professionals have attained
  19. Assessing the physical and mental health condition of a patient.
  20. Problems are faced by patients like physically, emotionally, or mentally.
  21. Finding out what is stressing a patient and finding possible solutions to help the patient cope up with such situations to enable the patient to have a proper mental health condition
  22. Scrutinizing the training that nurses have to undergo to interact with the mental health patients and subject them for medication.
  23. What possible ways are there to save sound people from falling into mental health issues.
  24. Highlighting the scope of mental health treatment
  25. Exposing the scope of mental health nursing in the United Kingdom
  26. Categorizing the possible problems faced by the mental health patients in the intensive care unit
  27. Examining why there are fewer mental health nurses in the United Kingdom
  28. Finding ways of motivating the mental health nurses to help to do their jobs with love to promote proper and good service delivery


At times, nurses commit themselves to do proper and more devices than expected, which happens when they are motivated. Mental health nursing is one of the most pivotal sectors of human health management because the brain is the epicenter of events and command; therefore, mental health issues render people useless.