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5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Dissertation Topic

In order to write a great dissertation towards earning your master’s or PhD degree you need to come up with a really good topic. You are probably already familiar with a few different strategies to try in developing a good topic, and the following are five points by thesis helpers you should always consider when doing so:

  1. Keeping Your Career Goals in Focus
  2. You have spent the last few years studying within a particular area primarily because it reflects an area that aligns with your career goals. And for many, the dissertation represents a sort of jumping off point to start their careers. You’ll have to spend several months conducting extensive research, so make your efforts count and think about the project as a tool for getting a good job in your industry.

  3. Keeping Your Dissertation Interesting
  4. Because you will invest yourself physically and emotionally for several months working on this project, it is essential you choosing something that will keep you interested over that span of time. If you start work on something you aren’t completely enthusiastic about your work will suffer and it will be clear to the audience that your heart was never really in to begin with.

  5. Demonstrate Your Topic Expertise
  6. When your audience reads your work it will assume that you are an expert on whatever topic you have chosen. This being said you can put yourself in a pretty bad spot if you are unable to demonstrate your expertise by choosing something that you are not entirely familiar with. While you are encouraged to challenge yourself by exploring new areas you might be embarrassed if you cannot reasonably speak on the area of study convincingly.

  7. Pushing the Boundaries of the Field
  8. This is one of the most important factors in selecting a good topic. You should always be making a contribution to a disciplinary area by pushing the boundaries. You may build upon previous research or can offer a different opinion previously unheard of – the important thing is that you are saying something new and exploring new areas.

  9. Ensuring You Inform the Audience
  10. Finally, make sure your topic informs the audience in some way. Ultimately, it is going to want to learn something new. And your work should provide them a sense of having gained knowledge by reading the evidence-based text you have worked so hard to complete over the course of several months.